Alexandra Muhm:
Yoga & Ayurveda

Yoga and Ayurveda: teachers and friends introduced Alexandra to these two holistic disciplines that became very important for her own physical and mental balance. They gave her the right tools to better feel the needs of her body and soul and to calm her thoughts.
She has worked in the marketing and advertisement sector before and has got a great understanding of those who live a very stressful dailyl life.

Her tranquillity and autenticity let her have both feet planted firmly on the ground and self-reflection and introspection are important elements of her Yoga lessons. Alexandra is a great chef, too and gives fantastic Ayurveda cooking classes!  Her professional skills include Ayurvedic nutrition and health-care consulting, certified Yoga teaching, Spiral Dynamics, Kinesiology, Reflexology and Team Coaching.

Retreat date:
Summer Retreat – Juni 2018

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