MaluMalu: Aerial & Vinyasa Flow & Anusara Yoga

My Yoga story began in Barcelona in 2006 with Ashtanga Yoga, which I practiced for three years. Later on in Munich I discovered other Yogastyles like Vinyasa Flow, Anusara Yoga, Aerial Yoga and Yin Yoga.

I love to try new things, so I keep an open and curious mind. When I moved to Ibiza, I took my practice out on the water, on top of a paddleboard and fell in love with SUP Yoga. I believe that each Yoga style is beautiful and shares a similar aim, to create balance, connection and harmony. I tend not to identify myself too much with what I do or think, as we are all constantly growing and changing; like everything else is. Yoga makes me happy and free. I feel great honor and pleasure giving when I teach classes. I learn so much from each student. Yoga is very personal and everybody has his or her own individual approach.

Whether your intention is to start a new practice or to continue your own, I welcome you. I do my best to catch every student’s individual needs in class through hands on adjustments and modifications. You can expect sweat, breath work, focus on alignment, creative sequencing, cool music, sometimes craziness, much love and zest for life. I encourage my students to listen to their own bodies and find out what is right for them in each pose, on each day, there are no rules. So let us create beauty and harmony in our bodies, hearts and life.